• About Gemini Assisted Living

    "Assisting lives for a brighter future"
  • Our Founders

    Gemini Assisted Living was established by Gloucester based parents of severely Autistic twins.

    Like many parents they were concerned over what the future held for their sons as they reached early adulthood and beyond.

    Our ethos is a simple one,
    “We want our sons along with all of our Service Users to live a long and happy life, experiencing all that they can and want to”

  • Our Experience

    The Company was established to provide high quality levels of care for all our young adults, where excellence is expected as the norm.
    We have had access to invaluable sources of information that has helped us ensure that the care offered is first class, the remit is to make sure the excellence of the care is foremost in everyone’s minds.
    Our Registered Manager has vast experience in the care industry and is very passionate about her role and extremely high standards she has helped us set.
    Gemini Assisted Living offers accommodation in modern detached houses in several locations across Gloucester.
    All are on well serviced public transport routes, with shops within walking distance
    The houses are kept at the highest levels of décor and cleanliness, each person is encouraged to have an input into the decoration and set up of their individual bedrooms and the house, as a group is given a large input into the way the house looks and is run, as is their right as tenants.

    Our Goals

    Our young adults can expect to be given as many opportunities and choices to participate in decisions in the way they live their lives.
    The goal that we strive for daily is to make everyone feel that they have a growing level of independence and that they can have a sense of pride when they accomplish what some may see as the smallest of achievements, yet we will know it is a huge step for them as individuals.
    Our team will facilitate as many opportunities to engage in the world around them as our service users want, such as attendance at day centres, all in line with their individual budgets and needs.
    It is our very strong belief that the company is nothing without its excellent staff, the staff are highly trained and will be employed on a continuous learning strategy, they will be encouraged to keep training and learning to ensure they are the best they can be for themselves and their Service Users.
    The company will not grow to a level where we will become a large entity in the marketplace, it is planned to have a maximum of 12 Service Users, living in 3 houses, this ensures the quality of care offered can be closely monitored and easily managed and its quality checked far more regularly and thoroughly than could be achieved with a much larger operator.
    We will offer them somewhere to live that they can call home for now and in to the future years of their lives, making them feel safe and cared for, whilst still giving them a feeling of independence wherever and whenever possible, the choices they make will shape their lives, as this is exactly what it is ‘Their Lives’.
    As the company has been built from the ground up, there are no issues with longstanding difficulties that have been inherited from previous companies or owners, it is not essential for the company to achieve high percentage returns each year.
    The staff must be paid and paid well, the Service Users must feel safe and valued at all times and there must be enough money left for some fun! Nothing more is required.